Large Gift Tote

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Buying a gift for someone you really want to spoil? Well our Large Gift Tote is bound to do just that! Complete with several 100% beeswax candles, plenty of fresh local honey, an assortment of skincare products, and more, these totes are a smash hit!

Large Gift Tote Includes:

  • Medium Beeswax Candle
  • Small Beeswax Candle
  • Pair of 8” Colonial Taper Beeswax Candles
  • 13 oz. Glass Bear of Honey
  • Homemade Pure & Simple Unflavored Lip Balm Tube
  • 2 oz. Unscented Hand Cream
  • 1 Bar Hand-Poured and Cured Honey Soap
  • 1/4 oz Packet of Native Flower Seeds
  • 6 oz. Betterbee All-Natural Honey Candy, assorted: Honey, Honey-Lemon, Honey-Pomegranate, Honey-Apple
  • Pure Honey Straws (25)


  • Our crafty candlemaker, Mel, hand makes these unbleached canvas bags. The pattern is unique to Betterbee and each bag is unique in its own right. The best part is the bags can be used for years to come once the handmade goods inside are used up!