Honey Containers

Betterbee offers a wide variety of plastic and glass containers for your honey. You’ll also find caps and lids for honey containers, specialized containers for comb honey, and sturdy boxes for honey bottle storage or distribution to retailers — make your honey products even more attractive with the containers in our collection.

Understanding honey container capacities is essential before you buy. Honey is sold by weight and not volume, so the capacities of our plastic and glass containers reflect the weight of the honey they hold, instead of water weight or volume. One fluid ounce of honey typically weighs about 1.4 ounces, depending on its moisture content.

To provide accurate information to our customers, we conducted an informal, non-scientific test to measure the volume and honey weight of each of our plastic and glass containers. We measured each container to the “fill line” or “bead” of the container—the rim that protrudes from the base of the neck, right below the threads. We list both the volume and the honey weight for each product.

Please note that all glass and plastic honey containers are sold empty. Photos include honey for illustrative purposes only.