Honey Containers

Our honey containers are advertised in the amount of honey they can hold. This is different, in weight, than the amount of water they can hold. Honey has a different density than water. Even batch to batch, honey varies in density. In the English system of measurements, “ounce” can mean both weight AND volume, which is OK if you are measuring water, but NOT OK if you are measuring honey.

Honey will be around 40% heavier than water (depending on the moisture content of your honey). This means 1 fluid ounce of honey will weigh about 1.4 ounces. All of our containers are listed by honey weight, not water weight, and not volume.

To help provide more information to our customers, we conducted an informal, non-scientific test to measure the volume and honey weight of each of our containers. We measured each container to the “fill line” or “bead” of the container (the rim that protrudes from the base of the neck, right below the threads. You’ll find both the volume and honey weight in each item. We did this to help our customers in a number of ways:

  • Buy the right number of honey containers: People use our advertised descriptions to estimate how many containers to buy. Providing accurate information means fewer dissatisfied customers because they get the right number of containers.
  • Put the correct weight on a jar: If people fill jars with honey and sell it as if it weighed more than it does, there could be legal problems.
  • Charge appropriately for the honey they are delivering: If people fill jars with honey and sell it as if it weighed less than it does, they can be losing money.
  • From honey to cut comb to lip balm and salve, find the ideal container for your needs.

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