Live Honey Bees & Queens

Our live queens and honeybees are produce by reputable, well respected breeders. There are two ways to buy honeybees from Betterbee:

A Package is three pounds of bees with feed and a young queen.
A "Nuc" or Nucleus Colony is a miniature hive consisting of 5 deep frames of honey, pollen and brood, plus the bees.

Please note: Packages and Nucs are only available for pickup at our location in Upstate NY.

We also offer mated queens, available mid-April through August for shipment or to pick up. Factors important for successful queen introduction:

  1. Know the queen status of the hive. Honeybee hives with virgins or queen cells will often kill introduced queens.
  2. Place the queen cage between frames, preferably between frames containing brood
  3. Honeybee hives that have been queenless for several weeks may develop laying workers. Consider adding a frame of young brood one or two days prior to queen introduction.
  4. Check carefully for queen cells and remove at the time of introduction.
  5. Push-in cages are one method that works very well for introducing live queens.
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