Nucs, Packages & Queens

5-Frame Nucs and Packages:

2020 nucs and packages are now available for pre-order! Pickups will be scheduled in April or May, 2020 depending on weather and availability.  Please note: packages and nucs are available for PICKUP ONLY at our location in Upstate NY.  Betterbee does not ship packages or nucs.


Looking to requeen a hive, make a split, or prepare your own nucs? We offer mated queens, available mid-April through August for shipment or to pick up.  Please check back in March 2020 for details on 2020 queens.   

If you are planning to start a new colony, you will need a nuc or package. A queen by herself cannot establish a new colony. 

About Northern Queens:
Our locally raised northern queens are available starting in June. The goal is to provide young, vigorous, locally adapted queens well acclimated to our northern weather conditions. The emphasis in all of the breeding programs is on selection for desirable traits, rather than striving for a pure, specific breed of bee. We select for winter hardiness, disease resistance, temperament and honey production. These queens are excellent for re-queening a hive or preparing nucs.

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