So, you want to learn how to be a beekeeper? We've created this practical beekeeper's guide to share tips and tricks for all — whether you're a beginner researching how to start beekeeping, or you’ve been through a year (or three, or more) with your own hives. Explore our comprehensive Introduction to Beekeeping Guide: Find helpful tips on where and how to buy bees, get bee installation instructions, determine the best options for harvesting, filtering, and bottling honey, and learn to prevent and manage hive pests and diseases for better colony health.

Check out the following resources for tips, information, and videos covering a wide range of topics associated with beekeeping. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a topic not covered here, feel free to ask us by emailing us or by giving us a toll-free call at (800) 632-3379.

Start with an Overview of the Basics

All about Varroa Mites and Other Pests