Bee Feeding Equipment

There are all kinds of feeders: inside and outside, top and bottom, ones for wood hives, BeeMax, and Lyson hives, and even specialty ones that allow you to feed both sides of a double-nuc.

Some tips on selecting the right feeder for your hives:

  • Inside-the-hive feeders provide the most protection against robbing, which is especially important in the fall.
  • Top feeders are the easiest to service since they can be refilled without disturbing the bees or opening the hive proper. That’s a big help when your work schedule means you may be doing the feeding in the evening or early morning.
  • Inside feeders do require opening the hive to refill, but they put the syrup closest to where the bees are, which can improve uptake since the syrup may stay a bit warmer.
  • Some feeders need an empty box to surround them.

If you need advice about which feeder to use, please call and talk to the Betterbee Customer Service staff; we’ll be happy to help you choose. If you’re nearby, come for a visit - we have all of the feeders on display. We carry more than a dozen styles and sizes so we’re sure to have one that will meet your needs.

What if you need a feeder right away?There are a couple of ways that you rig up some homemade feeders from ordinary stuff and get them on the stack today.

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