Last reviewed on 6/22/2020. Keep checking this page for any future updates.

Betterbee is located in Greenwich, NY and is thus subject to the laws and executive orders of New York.  

On March 22, 2020, New York State went on PAUSE, Policies Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone.  

Part of that says that all non-essential businesses must close in-office personnel functions and all of their workers must stay home. Travel is allowed to use essential services like obtaining groceries or pharmaceuticals or caring for livestock like bees. The purpose of this order is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Even people who appear to be healthy can spread the virus. By decreasing the spread, fewer people become infected and fewer become sick. Fewer sick people leads to fewer people with severe disease symptoms. Fewer severely sick people means the hospitals are better able to care for those that are sick. Better care leads to fewer deaths. 

As we phase back into fully opening the state, we recognize that we are not immune or exempted from COVID-19, so we are continuing the changes to how we do business to try to protect our staff and customers.

We encourage you to use a similar level of disease prevention when traveling to pick up bees or equipment. Some thoughts on this:

  • Minimize the number of people traveling.
  • Have younger people travel when able.
  • Avoid stopping where there are gatherings. (Restaurants in NY are closed for dining, open only for takeout.  Now, some are open for outdoor seating with service)
  • Maybe pack your own snacks and food for the trip so you don't have to stop as much.
  • Consider taking stretch breaks where you can walk around without coming into contact with a lot of other people.    


As a company, we continue operations, but have made major changes:

  1. The showroom is still closed. No customers are allowed to enter our building, but we have set up a doorbell outside the showroom where customers can place orders on-site at a safe distance from Betterbee staff.

  2. Pickup orders will be available as a drive-thru. Please stop at the front porch, ring the doorbell, and let us know your name and order number. You will then be able to drive out back to retrieve your order. We will help make sure this goes smoothly. To place a pickup order, give us a toll-free call at 800-632-3379 or place the order online at Customers placing an order must specify when they are coming, so their order can be ready to pick up from our warehouse.

  3. Most of our office staff is back in the office, following social distancing rules. Most office staff has phased back into working in the office, but we are taking steps to keep everyone at least 6 ft. apart, wearing masks, and sanitizing often. Some staff is still working remotely. We use a cloud-based phone system so you should notice no difference when calling someone working either on- or off-site. Our staff is able to work over secure connections to place or modify orders. You can always reach our Betterbee support system 24/7 on the web to get questions answered. 

  4. The production crew is splitting shifts. Half work the early shift and half work the late shift. This makes for longer work hours, but fewer people here at a time. 

  5. The fulfillment crew has also split their shifts. Like the shop crew, it makes for much longer days, but with fewer people covering all of the hours.  

  6. The beekeepers are working in the field. They are not usually around many people and are breathing crisp fresh air regularly.   
  8. Shipping of orders continues daily! This is the busy season for beekeeping supply companies, so our order volume is up over normal. Our crews are working with some hindrance by state health requirements. The crews are working hard to send orders out as soon as they can. Some suppliers are not able to keep up due to similar restrictions in their plants dictated by state and provincial governments. Because of all this, we are seeing orders ship in 3 to 5 business days. Please be patient, and if it has been longer, send us a request for an update at   


What about Bee Pickup?

  • Bee pickup is done for the season. If you have not picked up your bees yet, call us immediately! We can be reached toll-free at 800-632-3379.


Beekeeping is a great agricultural pursuit to be part of. Many gardens and crops require pollinators. Honey bees are great pollinators for many crops. Keeping bees can be a group activity, but it is also great to do alone or with just a few others. This uncertain time is trying for many people, but we still have the comfort of the great work we are doing as beekeepers!  Stay Safe!