Your partners in better beekeeping for 45 years

For 45 years, it's been more than a saying - it's our promise to you. Whether you're just starting as a new-bee or you've kept bees for decades, we pride ourselves on being your partners in better beekeeping

There are many options out there for where to get your beekeeping supplies and we are grateful that you chose Betterbee. We owe our 45-year history to loyal customers like you, and are excited to pass along some deals and fun giveaways this year to celebrate!

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A brief history of Betterbee

Back in 1979, lifelong Greenwich resident, Bob Stevens, could not find beekeeping supplies that met his standards, so he decided to open his own company. For 27 years, Bob led Betterbee to growth and success, seeking out and sharing high-quality products with beekeepers nationwide. As a former educator, Bob kicked off Betterbee's education program by offering classes in the early days, and he partnered with Cornell to help build its celebrated master beekeeping program.

Today, Betterbee and its sister woodenware company, Humble Abodes, are owned and operated by three forward-thinking beekeepers from varying backgrounds: Chris Cripps, a veterinarian; Neal Kober, a contractor and entrepreneur; and John Rath, a mechanical engineer. Our education department is headed up by David T. Peck, Ph.D., and our beekeeping enterprise is run by an EAS Master Beekeeper, Anne Frey.

Through the years and changes in ownership, many core values have remained the same: Betterbee aims to provide high-quality and innovative beekeeping products; outstanding customer service by many staff who are beekeepers themselves; and trustworthy education to help beekeepers succeed.

Betterbee over the past 45 years: a visual timeline