Essentials Kit: 8FR Assem

Our assembled complete 8 frame beehive essentials kit includes the equipment a beginner beekeeper needs to get started.

Besides the options to the right, each kit includes a Wooden Entrance Reducer.

Why are some unassembled kits more than some assembled kits?

Standard frame components in the unassembled kit are unassembled wood frames, wax foundation and support pins. These are more costly than the frames which come standard in the assembled kit (one piece plastic frames). The best way to compare prices is to select the frame and other options you would like between kits. The price will change automatically as you change options.

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This 8 frame assembled beehive kit comes complete with the essentials you need (except the bees) to get started right away. If you are catching swarms or making splits, this is a perfect way to start them off. Later, you can either reunite colonies or top with additional boxes. This kit comes with all the components needed to start a colony quickly.

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When choosing plastic frames or plastic foundation, we highly recommend that you apply extra beeswax to the frames to increase the acceptance by the bees and to entice them to draw it out faster. You can buy assembled frames with the extra wax already painted on, or you can buy beeswax and paint it on yourself (melt it in a double boiler and use a foam paintbrush), or melt down the beeswax cappings and scrapings you saved from last year and paint it on using a foam paintbrush.

The Essentials Hive Kit includes:

  • Telescoping outer cover*
  • Wooden inner cover
  • 2 deep hive bodies*
  • 16 deep frames*
  • Reversible bottom board and/or varroa monitoring equipment*

*Denotes a kit component with options.