Supering Kit: 8FR Assembled

The honey is coming, are you prepared?

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Get ready for the honey flow with two medium, 8 frame supers made of high quality 3/4" Eastern White Pine. This kit comes with your choice of frames, and as an option, a queen excluder to keep your honey free from brood.

The Hive Supering Kit Includes:

  • 2 Medium 8 Frame Supers*
  • 16 Medium Frames*
  • Queen Excluder*

*Denotes a kit component with options.


What is the difference between plastic foundation with wax versus heavy wax?

All plastic frames come waxed, but heavy wax has an extra layer that bees accept better, speeding up the process of drawing comb.

Plastic Foundation: Black vs White

  • Black foundation is great for brood, the high contrast against eggs allows easier identification
  • White foundation is great for supers, the light nature of the plastic displays true color of honey

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