10FR Galvanized Outer Cover

A telescoping 10 frame galvanized beehive outer cover is the beekeepers traditional cover for non-migratory beekeeping

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This outer cover functions like the eaves of a house, protecting the hive from both rain and wind. Our outer cover features the deepest rim available in the industry, plus a heavy duty 26 gauge galvanized top. Keep a stone or brick on top to keep the cover from blowing off in a storm.

Hint: Our Telescoping Outer Covers are constructed with a 26 gauge galvanized metal. Others will try to sell you 30 gauge, which we find tears very easily and does not last nearly as long. This cover is a beast, as beehive covers all should be.


  • 22” long x 18-1/8” wide x 2-1/2” high (10 frame hives)