Ultimate Hive Stand

This multifunctional ultimate beehive stand is made from recycled materials that will not rust or rot.

Made proudly in the USA
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This all-in-one hive stand will do so much more than just keep your hive off the ground!

The Ultimate Hive Stand (patent pending) from BeeSmart is elevated 12" above the ground, putting the hive at a perfect working height. Assembling the hive takes just a few minutes and requires only a screwdriver. This stand is available in specific designs for 10 frame, 8 frame, BeeMax, Lyson hives, and 5 frame wooden nucs. The 10 frame size also fits the Lyson 8/9 hive system.

Features Include:

  • Works with any style bottom board
  • Hive sits on heavy-duty rails for total support
  • Built-in drains keep hive and hive components dry for a longer a life
  • Large footpads spread load and ensure stability
  • Security screws add extra strength and prevent hive from moving
  • Swing-out frame holders make working hives easier

Made in the USA from recycled materials.

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