Complete 10 Frame Medium Super

This super kit saves you time and money while helping you prepare for the beekeeping season.

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Choose Your Options:


Everyone has their preference, but that doesn’t mean you need to assemble it yourself. Our 10 frame medium super offers a choices of wood grade, and allows you to pick between your style of frames.

Packages with plastic foundation come ready to install directly on your hive!

Hive Body: Choose Between:

  • 3/4" Commercial Grade Wood
  • 3/4" Select Grade Wood

Frames: Choose Between:

  • Wooden frames with wax foundation
  • Wooden frames with plastic foundation (White or Black)
  • Plastic frames

What is the difference between plastic foundation with wax versus heavy wax?

All plastic frames come waxed, but heavy wax has an extra layer that bees accept better, speeding up the process of drawing comb.

Plastic Foundation: Black vs White

  • Black foundation is great for brood, the high contrast against eggs allows easier identification
  • White foundation is great for supers, the light nature of the plastic displays true color of honey


  • The base price kit shown includes assembled commercial 3/4" medium super (19-7/8" L x 16-1/4" W x 6-5/8" H) with 10 plastic frames
  • Wax foundation is not installed due to breakage during shipment

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