Preferred Kit: 8FR Assm

This assembled 8 frame beehive kit includes exactly what Betterbee recommends for the beginner.

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Our Preferred 8 Frame Assembled Hive Kit is a favorite of both our customers and employees. From the heavy duty outer cover, the foundation with heavy wax coating, down to the screen bottom board with mite monitoring tray it is a great combination to get started.

This kit also includes our Betterbee Jacket and a pair of gloves to keep you covered as well as a smoker, hive tool, and a great book!

Just choose your glove and jacket size and you are ready to get started.

Includes the following:

  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Outer Cover
  • Deep Rim Inner Cover
  • BeeMax Hivetop Feeder
  • Qty 2 Medium 8 Frame Assembled Boxes
  • Qty 16 Assembled Medium Wood Frames with White Plastic Foundation and Heavy Wax Coating
  • Qty 2 Assembled Deep 8 Frame Hive Bodies
  • Qty 16 Assembled Deep Wood Frames with Black Plastic Foundation and Heavy Wax Coating
  • Plastic Queen Excluder
  • Screen Bottom Board
  • Flat Monitoring Tray
  • Standard Smoker
  • Standard Hive Tool
  • The Beekeeper’s Handbook
  • Deluxe Leather Gloves
  • Betterbee Jacket with Round Veil