Lyson Hive Stand Brackets

Support up to 5 hives on the stable, adjustable legs of the Lyson steel beehive stand bracket.

  • Item Code: LYHE4033
  • 124.95 USD$124.95

Raise your hives off the ground for ease of use. Made from galvanized steel, the Lyson Steel Hive Stand Bracket features four adjustable legs (two stand brackets) that allow you to quickly adjust your hive’s heights, while also being adaptable to uneven ground. Rigid legs offer ultimate stability.

Just add two of your own 2" x 4" cross beams (not included) to support up to five of any style hives. Supports up to a total of 1,100 lbs.


  • The height above ground is adjustable between 9" and 23-1/4".
  • The feet are 25-3/4" apart at 9" high and 35-1/4" apart at 23-1/4"
  • The bottom board rest 2" x 4"s are 16" apart


  • Product comes as a pair
  • 2" x 4"s required
  • The stands have a capacity of about 550 lb. each (1,100 lb per pair). The actual capacity of the hive stand setup will depend on the quality and length of the wood 2" x 4" beams, which could have a lower capacity than the steel brackets. For maximum strength, use short beams, and select high quality lumber without splits or defects.

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