Deep Hive Body 10FR Unassem.

Our unassembled 10 frame deep hive body is made from Eastern White Pine and box jointed for a tight fit.

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  • 23.85 USD
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Deep hive bodies traditionally serve as brood chambers, the boxes placed above the bottom board that remain on the hives year round where brood is produced. This box is unassembled with pre-drilled nail holes and fits 10 deep frames which are 9-1/8" tall. Nails are not included.

Dimensions: 20" x 16-1/4" x 9.5"

Select Grade Wood vs. Commercial Grade Wood:

This refers to the grade of wood used to make your woodenware. You have a choice of Select (possessing only the occasional small knot) and Commercial (which will possess a greater number of solid knots). If you are painting your woodenware, Commercial grade is the typical choice. If you are varnishing your wood, Select is a great option.

3/4" or 7/8" Wall Thickness:

Our 3/4" boxes are the most common sizing and offer a cost savings. The 7/8" boxes offer a heavier wall thickness. 7/8" is the traditional wall thickness that Betterbee has carried for many years. Both sizes fit all our wooden hive components and are compatible with each other.