Bee Smart Insulated Inner Covr

The last inner cover you will ever need!

Made in USA. Robber screen, feeder, and other components not included.
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The ultimate insulated inner cover by Bee Smart is virtually indestructible, never needs painting, and is ready to go on the hive. Thanks to a patent pending insulation system, hives are kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Reduce energy demand and hello to healthier and happier bees!


  • Ultra-tough Technopolymer construction will not rot or decay like wood
  • 2" R-10 Insulation helps reduce colony energy demand
  • Help your bees overwinter: Excellent heat retention; keeps condensation on outer walls
  • Keep your bees cool: reduces radiant heat gain from the sun. Less stress and lower water demand
  • Works with any 10 frame outer cover, and can also be used on 8 frame hives with a 10 frame outer cover
  • High density EPS foam does not degrade or absorb water; maintains R-value
  • 1.5 inch center hole is compatible with Bee Smart 3-Season Feeder. Just cover with a hive body.
  • Center hole vent cap to seal hive
  • Storage compartment for Bee Smart Robber Screen (not included)
  • Security pins: Keeps cover from moving
  • Storage compartments: Keep spare parts handy
  • Quick hive tool access points
  • Domed inner surface: Allows bees to move freely, has room for pollen patty, and keeps condensation to outside edge
  • Upper entrance disc for adding separate entrance to upper hive body (optional)
  • Completely recyclable

Why use an insulated inner cover?

Not sure whether or not an insulated inner cover is for you, or perhaps you are curious about how it works, or its benefits? Bee Smart has provided a wonderful resource that you can read: Science Behind an Insulated Inner Cover.

Works great with the Ultimate Cover, Bottom Board, and Feeder!