Electric Knife w/ Control Unit

Get ultimate heating control using the Speed King Electric Uncapping Knife with adjustable heat input.

  • Item Code: UK3
  • 194.95 USD$194.95

An adjustable heat input allows the experienced beekeeper more control over the amount of heat used during uncapping. Turn up the heat with the Pierce Speed King and make light work of older combs.

Don’t need as much control? Try our fixed temperature knife instead.


  • Please exercise caution, blade can become very hot and improper use can result in injury
  • Does not have a built in thermostat
  • Clean thoroughly after each use
  • Stand included
  • Proudly made in America
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty included

Product Information

  • 120V AC power supply required"
  • 5' 6" power cord length from wall plug to controller
  • 5' power cord length from controller to knife

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