Lyson Manual Steam Uncapper

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Steamer Voltage (Required)

This manually fed Uncapper has steam-heated oscillating knives that quickly and cleanly slice cappings off frames. After uncapping, the frames are automatically pushed onto the uncapping table which stores the frames and catches dripping honey until they are loaded into an extractor.

Up to four frames are loaded onto the frames slides (not pictured). As the handle is turned, one frame at a time is carried downward to the vibrating knives. The knives, which are heated by a 1500 watt steam generator, cut off the cappings as the frame is lowered between them. The knives are oscillated by a 120V motor, and the depth of cut can be adjusted depending on how deeply drawn the frames are.

The electric once-through steam generator is adapted from a wallpaper steamer to provide constant steam supply for over 1 hour. The steam generator needs to be refilled approximately once per hour and requires about 20 minutes to heat up (starting with hot water reduces the time required to boil). The steam generator itself is available in 120 volt (most popular) or 230 volt.

The stainless steel tank features removable perforated trays to catch cappings. A drain valve at one end drains the honey from the tank. Powder coated steel legs support the uncapper and caster wheels make it easy to move.

Truck ship or pickup only.

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