Ultimate Uncapping Slicer

Include the Ultimate Uncapping Slicer to your beekeeper's tool kit for a powerful slicing tool that features a good grip.

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The Ultimate Uncapping Slicer™ Beekeeping Tool is new from the Ultimate Line of beekeeping supplies. Slice through honey frames with three passes on each side. Gripped handle allows you to maintain a tight grasp even when sticky. Cleans up with warm water. 


9 inches long; measures 2-1/2 inches wide where tines are located.

To Use:

Grip Ultimate Capping Slice™ handle and draw cutters through the cappings, using the handle angled slightly away; the Side Guides will control the depth of the cut. Use just enough pressure to slice through the cappings. Drawing the Ultimate Capping Slicer™ from the top down gives the best results.