1.7 lb. Palm Base Oil

Our beautiful 100% palm oil for soap-making is a saturated fat that is obtained from the fruit of the palm nut.

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In its natural state, palm oil is a dark red color but manufacturers carefully refine it to a creamy yellow color to make for more consistent soaps and soap colors. It is used as a hardener for vegetable oil soaps and makes a hard, long-lasting soap with small creamy bubbles.

Palm oil must be lightly heated to a liquid and stirred or shaken before using since it separates as it turns to a solid. Palm oil is one of the few vegetable oils relatively high in saturated fats (like coconut oil) and thus a semi-solid at room temperature.

This product is for soap-making and is not intended for human consumption. Keep away from children and animals.

*Personal care items are non-returnable.