Standard Smoker

This classic bee smoker is an indispensable tool in the beeyard.

Heat shield style may be wired, as shown, or perforated steel metal (not pictured).
  • 34.95 USD$34.95

The high-end features (stainless steel construction, built in full body heat shield, and sturdy leather bellows) at the friendly price and ease of use that small scale beekeepers rave about. Our standard smoker is our best selling smoker and we can't recommend it enough to beekeepers who are getting started, or have less than 10 hives.

An internal aeration grate helps to avoid ash on the bottom of the smoker and promotes good airflow while in use.


  • 4" wide x 7" tall

Pick Up Smoker Fuel


  • An easy way to light your smoker is to place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the smoker, light it, and then place your fuel over the top of it and repeatedly compress the smoker bellows
  • Read our smoker lighting instructions

Why Smoke?

Smoke herds the bees away from any area you need to touch with your fingers or equipment, such as the hive tool, or replacing a box or outer cover.

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