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This beekeeping smoker features top-quality construction with an easy to fill, removable chamber.

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Top-quality construction with an easy to fill, removable chamber that makes working the bee yard a breeze. Ventilated holes in the interior chamber increase airflow and keep your smoker lit longer. Best of all, ash removal is a cinch: simply remove the ashcan after it has cooled and dump the contents in your compost or bury it in your apiary.

We recommend this smoker if you have less than 10 hives. It is lighter and easier to handle than our Smoker Pro.


  • 4" wide x 7" tall

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  • An easy way to light your smoker is to place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the smoker, light it, and then place your fuel over the top of it and repeatedly compress the smoker bellows
  • Read our smoker lighting instructions

Why Smoke?

Smoke herds the bees away from any area you need to touch with your fingers or equipment, such as the hive tool, or replacing a box or outer cover.

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