BroodMinder Cell Hub

Monitor remotely located beehives via your phone service using the solar powered Broodminder Cell Hub.

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For beekeepers whose hives are out of Bluetooth or WiFi range, or are in remote locations, this hub will collect the data from your BroodMinder devices and transmit it using a cellular phone service. Stay connected with your hives when you can't see them from your house.

The BroodMinder CELL Hub is a solar-powered unit that listens to up to 80 BroodMinders in your apiary and sends hourly updates directly to This item will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer and shipping times may vary.

The purchase of the BroodMinder-CELL includes one year of a cellular subscription service, plus one year of MyBroodMinder-Premium (required for automatic uploads). After one year, additional years can be purchased for $108 (price subject to change). Like all Broodminder products, every effort has been made to make installation fast and simple.

For complete installation details, check out the extensive user guide and cell hub installation video

BroodMinder wireless beehive monitors are easily installed within or beneath your hive. They connect automatically to the BroodMinder App on your smartphone or tablet, where you will see the temperature, humidity, and weight displayed in graph form. This data allows you to monitor the health of your hive over time, intervene when necessary, and track the effects of your management.

Betterbee Brood Minder Graph

Give us a little time to load the data from the Betterbee hive.  Use the slider bar to the right to see the Temperature and Humidity graphs below the Weight graph