Queen Marking Tools & Queen Cages

If you are going to be producing queens with any regularity then having some queen marking tools and cages is a must. Marked queens are in demand for novice beekeepers as it makes the queen stand out more and she's easier to identify. While you can purchase whatever color you wish, beekeepers use the following colors to track the age of their queens:

  • Years Ending in #1 & #6: White
  • Years Ending in #2 & #7: Yellow
  • Years Ending in #3 & #8: Red
  • Years Ending in #4 & #9: Green
  • Years Ending in #5 & #10: Blue

Besides marking tools, we also carry a wide array of queen catching tools and cages. Here at Betterbee, we use the California Mini Cage when prepping our queens for sale. 

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