Lyson Mini Hive Body w/ Frames

Expand or replace your current components using this Lyson polystyrene mini hive body with frames.

Note: divider not included.
  • Item Code: LYHEQMHBK
  • 32.95 USD$32.95

Looking to add a second level to your two-way Lyson queen mating nuc, or just need a replacement divided hive body?

This 6 frame Lyson queen mating nuc hive body comes painted and includes smaller specially-sized frames for this nuc. The polystyrene walls provide a greater level of insulation against cold and hot weather.

Note: Divider and foundation are not included. Foundation needs to be cut to approximately 6-1/4" tall by 8" wide. Top bar is grooved for plastic foundation, but wax could be installed without too much difficulty.

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