Honey Promotional Materials

Betterbee offers a variety of signs, banners, and other materials for promoting your honey. A large honey banner draws attention and stands out from afar. A double-sided sign proclaiming ‘Honey for Sale’ attracts customers traveling in both directions. A warning sign informs people that honey bees are hard at work. Use these materials and signs in your bee yard, or to create an attractive display at the farmers market.

Tips for promoting your honey to increase sales:

  • Decide on your goals. If your goal is bringing in a premium price at the farmers market, consider selling specialty products such as creamed or infused honey, lip balm, and bee pollen.
  • Don't underestimate your worth. Some farmers and beekeepers undervalue their products at the market; ask the price you believe your honey and other products are worth. It’s okay to charge a premium price for your honey and bee products.
  • Create an eye-catching display. Remember that pretty packaging sells — sticky jars do not. Keep your honey products and tables clean. Add premium labels and pretty honey jars to your promotional supply list.
  • Tell your story. When customers take interest in buying local honey, they often care as much about you and your beekeeping practices as they do about how your product tastes. Share information freely.
  • Offer samples. Sampling boosts sales, and it's a great way to promote your wonderful honey. Always offer a test taste, especially when selling at a farmers market.
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