Honey Promotional Materials

Sometimes you need a sign to tell people you produce honey! These promotional supplies can be used on your property or at the farmers’ market.  Here are a couple other tips on promoting your honey!

  • Decide what your goals are. Do you want to get a premium price? Then value added and specialty products are the way to go. (Think: lip balm, pollen, creamed honey, infused honey, etc.)
  • It’s OK to ask for a premium price! All too often farmers (and beekeepers alike) don’t value their product enough. Charge what you are worth!
  • Pretty packaging sells. Sticky jars do not.
  • Tell your story. Customers, if they are interested in buying local honey, want to know about you and your beekeeping practices as much as they care about the taste of your honey.
  • Sampling sells and is great as promotion! Always offer a test taste, especially if you are selling at farmers’ markets.
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