Para-Moth treatment crystals help prevent wax moth infestation when storing supers for the winter.

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You didn’t leave the lights on, but wax moths are lurking, and they have one thing in their sights, your beeswax comb. Don’t let them wreak havoc by stopping them dead with Para-moth, a quick and effective, chemical solution.

Para-Moth’s active ingredient is paradichlorobenzene which works to kill wax moths and their larvae. Use on stored supers only, not on full honeycombs or in live colonies.


Do not use houshold naphthalene moth balls for treatment as this is a harmful solution.


  1. Stack 5 deeps or 7 mediums full of combs on a flat surface such as an outer cover
  2. Place 6 tablespoons of the crystals on a paper plate on top, then cover tightly. The vapors (which are heavier than air) will sink into the boxes.
  3. If crystals have fully evaporated from top of stack, reapply a dose of crystals to maintain moth-killing vapor inside stack until ready to use. Especially important in warmer weather when moths can fly and colonize unprotected stacks.
  4. Allow boxes a few days to air out before placing them back on an active colony.

Looking for a chemical free solution? Freezing comb inside of Freeze Frame Bags is simple and works to get rid of wax moths.