Freeze Frame Bags (12 Pack)

Slip Langstroth frames into these zip-seal bags to protect your stored honey frames from hive beetles, wax moths, and roaches in dry storage or while freezing them.

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Custom made to fit honey bee frames, Freeze Frame Honey Storage Bags keep you out of a sticky situation (inserting frames directly into your freezer is a headache in the making), while storing and protecting your frames against pests.

Quick, clean, simple. Place your honey frames inside these ingenious bags and they are ready for dry storage, or to put into your freezer.


  • Fits all Langstroth frame sizes: shallows, mediums, and deeps
  • Made of heavy-duty 3.5 ml thick polyethylene material
  • Features an easy-pull zip tab
  • 12 individual bags per box

Bag Dimensions:

  • 21.25" x 12.6"