Flat Varroa Monitor Tray

This flat varroa mite monitoring tray allows for the easy removal of debris and facilitates inspection of beehive droppings.

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This corrugated plastic tray is a replacement for our screened bottom boards and varroa monitoring tray systems: 10 frame screened bottom board and 8 frame screened bottom board. The tray fits at the bottom of the hive, and catches mites as well as other debris helping diagnose colonies afflicted with pests.


  • This varroa monitoring tray fits under a varroa screen
  • When using a varroa screen, the mites will just sit on the tray and die. They are programmed to wait for a ride on an incoming bee.


  • 18" long x 14-3/8" wide (10 frame)
  • 18" long x 12" wide (8 frame)

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