Assembled Jester Nuc Box

Make splits or increases using these assembled Jester nuc boxes, constructed of rugged corrugated plastic that withstands rain.

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Pre-assembled and ready to host bees, the 5 frame Jester nuc box holds up to the elements, lasting several seasons. With plenty of room to add pollen patties on top of the frames, and a hinged cover, working the hive just got easier.


  • Made of a single piece of strong and durable corrugated plastic
  • Produced by beekeeper Kevin Jester of Florida
  • Folds together with no fasteners required
  • Offers more ventilation than cardboard nuc boxes
  • Made to hold 5 standard deep Langstroth frames (but can also hold mediums/shallows: will create extra bee space, so only recommended for short periods of time like transporting frames or for use as a quiet box during hive inspections)
  • Dimensions when assembled: 26" x 20" x 12"

We also offer unassembled Jester nucs in a 15 pack.