Divided Medium for Double Nuc

For a double nuc system, this divided medium hive body includes a center partition; pairing with a double nuc bottom board creates two entrances.

  • Item Code: DNBODYMED
  • 22.65 USD$22.65

For beekeepers who work all mediums, this partitioned 6-5/8" medium hive body is divided down the center. There is plenty of room to install queen cages or cells.

Please note: This product comes unassembled. Assembly is required and nails are not included.

This product comes unassembled and nails are not included. Use the same 7D galvanized nails used for assembling any hive body or super. For use with a double nuc bottom board, and double nuc supers (medium double nuc supers coming soon!) Takes a standard 10 frame outer cover; we recommend our insulated outer cover. Requires 2 double nuc inner covers.

Also available for deep frames.