Complete Double Nuc Medium

Double nucs, also known as resource or support hives, are divided hives that work well for overwintering bees, housing two smaller colonies, or raising your own bees.

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For beekeepers who use all medium frames and boxes.

Please note: This product comes unassembled. Assembly is required and nails are not included.

Overwintered nucleus colonies are an excellent method for Northern beekeepers to minimize their dependence on package bees, streamline the supply of nucleus colonies for sale, or use the following spring. Colonies overwinter in 8 frames in a four frame over four frame configuration. The overwintered nucleus colonies we sell are raised in deep version of the double nuc. This all-medium kit is perfect for beekeepers who use all medium (6-1/4") frames for brood instead of the more common 9-1/8" deep frame.

There are many advantages of overwintered nucleus colonies!

  • Availability in early spring of locally adapted queens and nucs for northern beekeepers.
  • Less concern about importation of Africanized bees and other pests not found in our local area.
  • Overwintered nucs and their queens are "proven" in that they have already survived a winter.
  • The beekeeper has resources in reserve to expand or replace winter losses.

Double Nuc Kit Includes:

  • Divided Bottom Board
  • Divided Medium Hive Body
  • 2 Four Frame Medium Supers
  • 2 Inner Covers
  • Nail Kit
  • Does not include telescoping outer cover, which is required. Nail holes are not pre-drilled on the ends of the nuc boxes.

Note: Frames, foundation, and standard 10 frame outer cover are not included. You will need 16 medium frames and foundation for this setup. We recommend an insulated Beemax 10 frame cover or a galvanized outer cover plus insulation.