Oxalic Dispenser for ProVap

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No more measuring scoops! The ProVap Oxalic Dispenser has adjustable dosing and makes treatments easier and faster. No turning the ProVap Over to dispense the OA into the heating chamber! Just dip the dispenser into the OA and it will "grab" your dose. Place the dispenser in the hole of the ProVap cap, tap and you're done! Leave the dispenser in the top hole of the cap on the dispenser until vaporization is complete. That's it.

Check out an action video here.

The dispenser includes a modified Teflon cap with a tapered hole to perfectly fit the dispenser. The cap stays on the ProVap, and the dispenser is inserted and released for each treatment. The dispenser is adjustable to accommodate different doses depending on hive size.

Compatibility: this dispenser is compatible with the 110 volt ProVap (item code PROVAP). It is not compatible with the battery powered ProVap, which uses a different style dispenser.

Included: adjustable dispenser, and ProVap cap with tapered hole.

It is recommended that the dispenser is cleaned at the end of each day.