ApiLife Var 3-Pack

ApiLife Var (A)LV is back and ready to kill varroa mites!

This 3-pack treats two hives
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The tried and true ApiLife Var varroa treatment is back, more affordable than ever, and supported by the knowledge and experience of Betterbee!

ApiLife Var (ALV) is a thymol-based varroa treatment used for decades to knock down mite levels in honey bee colonies. Each package includes two wafers made of a sponge-like material that allows for the gradual evaporation of its four natural ingredients: thymol, eucalyptus oil, L-menthol, and camphor.

This 3-pack of ApiLife Var contains enough wafers to treat two hives.

Watch this video to learn all about ApiLife Var:

Things to know about ApiLife Var:

  • Up to 95% efficacy, most effective when the temperature range is 65-95 degrees F (18-35 degrees C)
  • Each package of ALV features two, full wafers
  • Each of these wafers is one application, and three applications are needed to complete a full treatment (each wafer = one application)
  • The wafers are extremely fragile: use care when opening the package! We recommend bringing scissors to the bee yard to cut open the top the of the package. Watch this video for tips on opening an ALV package and using ApiLife Var

How to use ApiLife Var:

  • Reduce entrances and other openings to your hive (e.g. close up screened bottom boards): however, keep the entrance wide open if you are applying your treatment on a day that average daytime temperature are at the higher end of the recommended temperature range
  • For a single application, break one wafer into four smaller pieces, then lay them on the four corners of your uppermost hive body,
  • Lay the four pieces on the four corners of the uppermost hive body, as far away from the heart of the brood nest as possible to avoid overwhelming the brood with too much ALV vapor
  • Treat your entire apiary at the same time to avoid robbing between colonies
  • A complete hive treatment is 3 applications in 7-10 day increments

ApiLife Var is also available in a 15-pack and 100-pack.

Not available in California.