350g Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid:

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This 350g package of Api-Bioxal will treat 200 colonies using the dribble method and 350 colonies using vaporization/sublimation. Treatment is not recommended unless you know that your varroa mite count is in excess of the treatment threshold.

Api-bioxal is an oxalic acid Varroa destructor treatment designed specifically for honey bees, distributed by Veto-pharma, a French pharmaceutical company 100% dedicated to honey bee health.

Treating against varroa is necessary to keep honey bee colonies healthy and strong. Api-bioxal is registered by the EPA under a label developed by the USDA.

To do the dribble method: Dissolve Api-Bioxal into a 1:1 sugar syrup (35g into 1L of 1:1 sugar syrup). Dribble 5g of the syrup/oxalic solution onto the bees in each occupied bee space with a syringe or an applicator. Maximum dose: 50ml per colony.

To do the vaporization/sublimation method: Seal the entrance and cracks of the hives with tape. Use the vaporizer per the manufacturer’s instructions. Use only 1g of Api-Bioxal per hive.

Tips to use oxalic acid:

  • Oxalic acid works best on colonies with little to no brood.
  • Treat all colonies in your apiary at the same time to avoid reinfestation.
  • Do not perform multiple treatments on each generation of summer or winter bees.
  • Do not treat during honey flows, and wait 14 days after application before adding honey supers.
Warning: Use protective mask, gloves, and glasses, and long sleeves when mixing and applying oxalic acid.

Api-bioxal has a 5-year shelf life.