Virgin Queen Intro Cage: 10PK

Use this cage to get your virgin queens into their mating nucs in a safe and stable manner.

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This queen bee cage is designed to allow the introduction of a virgin queen into a mating nuc. First, cover the bottom tip of the cell with a thin layer of beeswax (not included; use a piece of foundation or scrap of burr comb to form a thin layer of wax). Next, place the virgin inside headfirst and close the top. The new "queen cell" is placed into the mating nuc. The queen then chews through the beeswax and emerges into the nuc. We used a number of these cages and were pleasantly surprised that we have similar acceptance with these cages and virgins when compared with introducing ripe queen cells.Pack of 10 cages. Beeswax for closing the bottom not included.