Lyson Honey Bottler

The Lyson honey bottler makes bottling your crop a breeze, allowing you to fill up to 350 1 lb-jars per hour.

Do not run pump dry as damage to impeller will occur. Lubricate with honey or food grade lubricant before starting motor.
  • Item Code: LYHP204001
  • 2574.95 USD$2,574.95

Bottling your crop is a breeze with this bottler! This machine is made for pumping, measuring and dispensing liquid or creamed honey into containers. It is actuated by foot pedal or bottler switch, and pumps from a tank through a five foot intake hose and into containers. You can fill about 350 one pound jars per hour, depending on the density of the honey! What a time saver! This bottler features a digital programmable display and will dispense quantities from 4g to 45kg (100 lbs.). The self-priming, slow-rotating pump has a silicone impeller. All of the surfaces that come in contact with honey are easily cleaned stainless steel or food safe plastic.

Is your operation growing? You can buy this bottler now, and later upgrade to a bottling table. The bottling head is compatible with the Lyson Turn Table which is available with or without the bottling head.

The Lyson bottler works best with honey that is at room temperature or above. For easiest filling, connect the bottler to a tank that is level with or slightly above the bottling machine. Maximum bottle dimensions: 10 1/2" tall and 18" wide.

Includes foot switch, adjustable bottle switch, and a 40mm diameter hose (about 5ft long). Choose whichever switch is more convenient for you. 1.5" hose can also be used with this unit with the addition of a 1.5" sanitary barbed fitting (part number FITSANBARB).

Note: Comes with 24 month warranty.

This 200 Watt bottler requires a 120V power supply. Available in 240 volt by special order.