Light Weight Kit: Lyson 8/9 Un

This Lyson beehive kit is perfect for getting started quickly without putting a lot of stress on your back.

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Based on an Australian design, the Lyson 8/9 hive system is made to hold 9 frames in brood boxes and 8 or 9 frames in honey supers.

In brood boxes, we recommend using 9 frames or 8 frames plus two follower boards against the box sides. In honey supers, use 9 frames of foundation or 8 frames of drawn comb. Be sure to space frames evenly.

Polystyrene construction provides excellent insulation against cold winters and hot summers. The interlocking boxes have reinforced top and bottom surfaces, which pry apart easily with a hive tool. A piece of cloth or plastic is used as an inner cover. An eight frame plastic queen excluder fits nicely between the interlocking boxes.

This hive consists of three medium brood boxes. Having smaller brood chambers can mean more manageable colonies and lighter boxes but will require more brood chambers to equal a full size colony. The third medium body serves this purpose.

This unassembled kit includes:

  • Bottom board with removable tray for varroa testing and ventilation
  • Mouse guard/entrance reducer/closure
  • Three medium hive bodies (with assembly screws)
  • A choice of frame and foundation types
  • Cloth inner cover
  • 8 frame plastic queen excluder
  • Outer Cover
  • 4 polystyrene plugs and 4 black plastic venting plugs for outer cover

Selecting all plastic frames and foundation includes 27 frames. Wooden frame selections include 3 - 10 packs of frames with foundation and nails.

It comes unpainted but we recommend painting with an exterior grade latex paint.

Hive outside dimensions are 28 1/4" high x 22 1/2" deep x 16 1/8" wide.

Hive internal dimensions are 22 1/4" high x 18 3/8" deep x 13" wide.

Hive weight without frames is 20 1/4 pounds.

Please note: The 8/9 Lyson hive system is not compatible with other polystyrene systems. However, some 8 frame wooden components can be used. Standard 8 frame wooden boxes fit without creating gaps. Wooden 8 frame feeding shims and inner covers can also be used. Some bee space dimensions are not maintained when other components are used. We recommend using a strap to secure the hive as the wood components will not interlock with the Lyson 8/9 boxes.