Spring Nucleus Colony Load 2

A nuc is small colony of bees with a laying queen and brood, ready to expand into a full sized hive.

Important: Please read terms and conditions in the item description below. Nucs are for pickup only in Greenwich, NY. All bees must be placed on their own order and cannot be combined with merchandise.

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This item is our second spring nuc load of the year.

We pride ourselves on providing robust, productive spring nucs from Kutik's in South Carolina! Nucs are made by dividing strong colonies and allowing the nucs to grow in the warm south before delivery to New York. Each nuc receives a mated Kutik Queen when it is created.

All you need to know about spring nucs

  • Spring nucs consist of 5 deep plastic and/or wooden frames containing brood, honey, pollen, and some space for expansion.
  • Choose a nuc with either a marked or unmarked queen.
  • Betterbee staff carefully inspects every nuc to ensure the queen is present, she is laying eggs, and that the nuc is healthy.
  • Nucs build up quickly and need to be transferred to full size equipment immediately!

Instructions for ordering:

  • Ordering: Please order your bees on a stand-alone order without any other merchandise. During checkout, select "Pickup at Betterbee" on the Address page. On the final checkout page, select "Pick up on Nuc Pickup Day" as the "shipping" method. Full payment is due when your order is placed. We usually sell out of both nucs and packages, so order early!
  • Additional Orders: All package and nuc orders are invoiced separately from equipment orders. Need additional equipment when you pick up your bees? Place a second order and select the same pickup options as explained above, which will tell us to have your merchandise ready that day. Placing an equipment order a week or so before your pick up date ensures it's ready for you when you get here!
  • Preparation: Build and paint your hives before getting your bees, as you will need to install them in their new home the day you get them. Don't wait! Plan to pick up early in the day, and make sure we have your current contact info in case we need to get in touch!

Instructions for pickup:

  • Pickup date for this second load of nucs is expected to be sometime in late April, but is subject to change due to inconsistencies in spring weather.
  • We will contact you via email when we know the pickup date. Pickup is always available on a Saturday, but nucs may sometimes be picked up on weekdays if ready. Please make sure your contact information is correct upon check out so we can notify you via email when we know the pickup day. Please whitelist "bees@betterbee.com" to ensure you will receive our emails.
  • At pickup we close the nuc entrance and brush off any remaining bees. For customers who want extra assurance, an optional ventilated nuc bag will prevent any "stragglers" from escaping.
  • Once notified, you will need to come get your bees! If traveling or otherwise unavailable during expected pickup days, you must make alternate arrangements for pick up. Please whitelist "bees@betterbee.com" to ensure you will receive our emails.
  • Click here for instruction on How to Install a Nuc.

Terms and conditions

  1. The customer understands and acknowledges that bees and nucs are living creatures and are perishable. Betterbee will not be responsible or liable for loss of bees or nucs due to overheating once they are received by the customer. It is the responsibility and duty of the customer to ensure that packages and nucs are kept cool and out of direct sun until they are installed in hives.
  2. Bee orders canceled before March 31st will be refunded the purchase price minus a $20 fee per nuc. If canceled after March 31st, no refund will be made UNLESS we can resell the package or nuc.
  3. There are no returns or refunds once the customer accepts the nuc at our store in NY.