Jar Top, Granulation & Other Honey Labels

Label your honey and beeswax products with pre-printed honey product labels: Provide necessary information to customers with jar top labels, granulation notices, and nutritional information stickers, and mark your lip balms, skin cream, and candles, too.


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Jar top or granulation labels lend a polished look, provide valuable information, and increase sales: Nutritional and granulation labels provide your customers with important facts about your raw honey, comb honey, or other honey products. Tamper-proof labels ensure customers that honey is properly sealed while jar top labels advertise your unique selling points including raw, local, creamed, or unfiltered. Beeswax products deserve their own labels, too — find sticker options for lip balms, skin creams, and candles.

Please note: The miscellaneous printed labels in this section are not customizable. We can personalize Custom Print Honey Labels and Other Custom Print Labels.


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