Kraft Paper Honey Labels

Add a rustic touch to your filled honey containers or other products with our charming blank Kraft Paper Honey Labels!


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These blank, adhesive-backed labels are made from high-quality Kraft paper and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including classic rectangles and eye-catching ovals, to perfectly match your honey jars and containers, or even lip balm tubes. Whether you prefer a clean and versatile look or want to add a farm-to-table touch, we have the perfect Kraft paper label for you. The beauty of blank labels is the endless customization they offer: Add your logo, honey varietal information, and other essential details directly onto the labels, creating a truly personalized touch for a professional finish. Kraft paper's natural aesthetic elevate your brand image and potentially boost sales. Explore our blank Kraft Paper Honey Labels today and discover the perfect way to showcase your delicious honey—or check out our custom-printed labels for personalized options.


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