Hogg Superpack Tape

Assemble or repair your Hogg halfcomb honey systems with this durable superpack tape.

  • Item Code: HHCT
  • 4.85 USD$4.85

This durable replacement tape is used for assembly of Hogg Halfcomb refill packs. After the bees fill your first Hogg super, this tape releases easily for quick and mess-free disassembling of the stacks of finished comb. The best part is it doesn’t leave any tape residue on the styrene cassettes like other tape will!

Use this tape to restack unfinished cassettes and return to the bees, or to replace a cassette within a stack that got broken. This Hogg Superpack Tape comes in handy for a variety of reasons as you are working with Hogg Halfcomb in your hives.