8 Frame Wooden Hive Components

If you are looking for 8 frame wooden hive components, you’ve found the right spot! Eight frame equipment is lighter than 10 frame wood equipment by approximately 20 percent. In addition, some feel that overwintering is better in taller 8 frame hives because the cluster can move up more readily through honey stores.

As you scroll through the items below, here’s some terminology defined:

Deep Hive Bodies (or Brood Boxes): Traditionally, where the brood is raised. Usually the first two boxes of the hive. They are deeper (taller) than Honey Supers thus the name "Deeps." Note: Using three "Mediums" is a light weight alternative to using two Deep Hive Bodies.

Mediums (or Honey Supers): Traditionally, where honey is stored. Placed on top of the Brood Boxes. When filled with honey, 10 Frame Medium Supers can weigh up to 55 pounds.

Shallows: Can be used to store honey or used when making comb honey. 10 Frame Shallow Supers can weigh up to 40 pounds when filled with honey.

8 Frame or 10 Frame: Woodenware that either fits 8 or 10 frames! 8 frame hive components are becoming increasingly popular as it weighs less and is a little easier to handle.

Select or Commercial Grade: This refers to the grade of wood used to make your woodenware. You have a choice of Select (possessing only the occasional small knot) and Commercial (which will possess a greater number of solid knots). If you are painting your woodenware, Commercial grade is the typical choice. If you are varnishing your wood, Select is a great option.

3/4" or 7/8" Wall Thickness: Our 3/4" boxes are the most common sizing and offer a cost savings. The 7/8" boxes offer a heavier wall thickness. 7/8" is the traditional wall thickness that Betterbee has carried for many years. Both sizes fit all our wooden hive components and are compatible with each other.

Assembled or Unassembled: 10 and 8 frame hive boxes can come assembled or unassembled. Assembled equipment is a real time saver and is ready to be painted. Unassembled equipment offers a cost savings but nails or hardware for assembly will be needed.

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