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Typically, Nuc (or Nucleus) Boxes are used to hive a small colony of bees-- usually a package, swarm or split. At Betterbee, we use Nuc Boxes in some additional ways as well:

  • Holds frames while we are inspecting a bee hive or redistributing resources.
  • Serves as a bait box to try to capture swarms.
  • Functions as a mating nuc for raising queens.
  • With a strap and dividers added, the wood nuc box transforms to a useful toolbox for the yard.
  • Houses a battery for our bee yards with an electric fence, unofficially coined the “nuclear power plant.”

Double Nucs are an excellent method for Northern beekeepers to minimize their dependence on package bees. These allow the beekeeper to prepare nucs during the summer to overwinter and provide nucs for sale or use the following spring. Bees overwinter in 8 frames in a four frame over 4 frame configuration. The overwintered nucs that we sell are raised in these nuc boxes.

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