10 Frame Lyson Polystyrene

Upgrade your beekeeping setup with Lyson Polystyrene Hive Components, designed for durability and efficiency.




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Lyson 10 frame polystyrene bee hive boxes feature built-in plastic frame rests for easy frame placement, reinforced plastic edges for long-lasting use, and secure metal latches that keep everything in place. The 10 frame Lyson inner and outer covers offer superior ventilation, with adjustable plugs that allow you to customize airflow for year-round hive management. Choose from individual Lyson components like screened bottom boards and removable trays for improved hive maintenance. You can customize your own bee hive setup with individual Lyson polystyrene components, but we also offer convenient, pre-configured Lyson Polystyrene Hive Kits that include all of the essential components to get your colony off to a great start. All components arrive unpainted, but we recommend painting your hives with exterior latex paint (sold separately).




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