8/9 Frame Lyson Polystyrene

Lyson 8/9 frame polystyrene bee hive components feature:

  • Plastic-reinforced top edges
  • Hive bodies and supers lock into place without latches
  • Optional ventilation holes with solid and ventilated plug options available

The 8/9 frame Lyson inner and outer covers of the polystyrene hives provide superior ventilation. Fit 8 or 9 frames in all hive bodies: 9 frames in your brood boxes and 8 in your honey supers so the bees build fat honey frames. The bottom board on the hive is screened, includes an entrance reducer, and features a bottom that fits perfectly on a Lyson hive stand, and features a slot to accommodate a hive strap.

8/9 Frame Lyson polystyrene beekeeping equipment comes unpainted, but we recommend painting all hive components with exterior grade latex paint.

*Substitutions for components of kits are welcome — choose your preferred items and give us a call if you don't see what you like online!

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