Hive Components

We've gathered all of the bee hive components necessary to maintain strong and healthy colonies: Find the hive components you prefer, including 10 and 8 frame wooden hive parts and polystyrene equipment from BeeMax and Lyson.


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Bees raise their young (brood) in 9-5/8" deep boxes known as brood boxes, hive bodies, or deeps. The nectar — which later becomes honey — is stored above the brood, and excess honey from the harvest is stored in the highest boxes, called supers. Many beekeepers use 6-5/8" deep medium boxes for supers because they’re lighter weight when filled with honey, while some beekeepers use lighter shallows as supers.

10 Frame Wooden Hive Components have been the industry standard for over a century — and are still the most common size in the USA. Larger 10 frame equipment provides more space for bees, honey, and brood than 8 frame hives, but some beekeepers feel that a brood overwinters better in taller 8 frame bee hive kits because the cluster can move up through honey stores more readily. When full, a 10 frame medium can weigh 50 to 55 pounds, while a full 8 frame medium super is lighter, weighing 45 to 50 pounds. Polystyrene hives provide more insulation value than wood for less temperature fluctuation, so a hive can have a bigger brood nest earlier in the critical spring build-up period. These hives are generally available in 10 frame styles, with Lyson also offering an 8/9 frame option.