Betterbee offers an array of wood and plastic beehive frames to fit your budget, with options designed for use in our standard Langstroth-sized equipment.


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When selecting frames for your hives, first determine which size and type frame you need: Deep frames measure 9-1/8" tall, Medium frames measure 6-1/4" tall, and Shallow frames measure 5-3/8" tall. Then, determine if wood or plastic frames are the best option for your hives.

Choosing between wood and plastic frames? Consider these qualities as you decide which is best for you.

  • Wood frames, which come assembled or unassembled, are built exclusively of eastern white pine and come with a grooved top bar for a plastic foundation or a wedged top bar for a wax foundation. Our single-grooved bottom bars can accommodate any foundation type.
  • Plastic frames, on the other hand, come in one molded piece with a foundation that requires no assembly.

Do beehive frames need wax? All of our plastic frames come waxed, with our extra waxed option offering 4 times the amount of wax to entice your bees — so you don't need to add extra wax to these frames. If you're looking for ease in assembly, one-piece plastic bee hive frames are the best bet. If you're taking a more traditional approach to your hives, consider buying wood frames.


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