There are several options available for frames. You can choose between traditional wooden frames where you install the foundation of your choice or 1-piece Plastic frames which include wax coated plastic foundation.

Plastic Frames

Why spend your time assembling frames when you could be working with your bees and selling honey? These plastic frames are a great labor saving device. There is no assembly required, but we feel there is a better acceptance by the bees if extra beeswax is brushed or rolled onto the frames.

Plastic frames feature: No assembly required- Reinforced frame ears minimizes breakage-10% more brood area/honey production-Damaged combs can be scraped clean and reused- Standard size works with any uncapper-Consistent and uniform cell depth - less drone comb

Wood Frames

Our Frames are built exclusively of Eastern Pine, so they fit tighter and are less brittle (compared to Western Pine). We find they are much easier to nail, too. Our Frame Tops come in a choice of either Grooved or Wedged-Top Bar. Our Bottom Bars are single grooved bars and will accomodate any foundation type.

Which style of top bar do I choose?

Use the Wedged Style with the following types of foundation: Duragilt Foundation-Crimp-Wired Foundation-Unwired Brood Foundation

Use the Grooved Style with the following types of foundation: Pierco Plastic Foundation Duragilt Foundation

Hint: We prefer the Wedged-Top Bar style for ease of cleaning when replacing the comb. Just remove the wedge, insert the foundation, then staple or nail the wedge back on.

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