Bee Hive Foundation

We offer two types of bee hive foundation: beeswax and plastic.

Beeswax foundation is the most traditional option for your bee hive and comes with or without crimped wire. The purpose of the wire is to provide vertical support, particularly with frames used for honey. You would not use wire if you were producing cut comb honey. Beeswax foundation is installed on our wood frames with a wedged topbar. To learn how to install beeswax foundation, refer to our Quick Guide to Installing Wax Foundation.

Plastic foundation is easy to install, and is stronger than our wax foundation. Use black foundation in the brood chamber to more easily see eggs, and use white foundation in the honey supers. This foundation works with wood frames with a grooved topbar. While there is a thin layer of wax sprayed on these frames, we see plastic foundation is more readily drawn out in the bee hive when we paint on an additional layer. Click here for instructions!

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