Beehive Awning

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The original OGH® Beehive Awning hive entrance shield protects your honey bees' hive entrance from rain, snow, ice, and direct sunlight through all four seasons!

The Awning is easy to apply on any Langstroth 8 or 10 frame hive. It provides shade in the summer to help keep the hive temperature lower and it deflects snow and ice in the winter, keeping the hive entrance open.

Design details:

  • Made of 20 gauge, galvanized steel that might just last longer than your hive boxes
  • Powder-coated finish for extra durability and extended outdoor use
  • 10º angle to provide water and snow run off
  • The 1" square cut-outs promote bee movement for bearding, if needed
  • Includes two (2) steel screws for assembly
  • Keyhole slotted design makes changing the awning position in spring quick and easy